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The New Porsche Cayenne

The New Porsche Cayenne


Joining the Porsche model line-up at the 2023 Auto Shanghai motor show: the new E3 (II) Cayenne. This latest addition to the luxury SUV market arrives as the second generation of Porsche’s popular E3 Cayenne model. This new model promises to elevate the performance, comfort and useability that we have come to expect from the Porsche Cayenne.

At first glance the subtle new styling changes bring the new Cayenne into the modern era. It’s sleek lines, dynamic proportion and distinctive Porsche styling give the luxury SUV an air of athleticism and sophistication. The front bumper and grill feature new aesthetic design which are topped up with upgraded LED headlights. The rear of the car has also embraced a few changes with an updated taillight and redesigned rear bumper.

The new Porsche Cayenne’s updates continue under the bonnet. The range now offers a variety of engines to suit your preferences. From V6 to V8 and with many power outputs ranging from 335 to 631 horsepower the Cayenne has something for everyone. Taming the power is the eight-speed automatic gearbox which keep the power delivery smooth and responsive with every shift. Depending on specification, the top performance of the new cayenne would transport you from 0 – 60 mph in as little as 3.6 seconds, making it one of the most impressive SUV’s in its classification.

As always, the Cayenne continues to embrace its practical performance qualities. The New Cayenne offers versatility and practicality in everyday use; its interior is luxurious and spacious, built with high-end materials and advanced technology throughout. The cockpit houses comfortable seating throughout for the driver and passengers with ample legroom and headspace. In the rear, the boot contains 27.2 cubic feet of storage space which can be increase to 60.4 cubic feet with the rear seats folded. The Cayenne also has an impressive towing capacity of 7,700 lbs, making it capable of pulling boats, trailers and other recreational equipment, allowing you to embrace the spirt of adventure.

Sustainability is a key focus for the new Cayenne, with Porsche developing on their plug-in hybrid variant; the Cayenne E-Hybrid. This model combines a V6 engine with an improved electric motor producing 130kw and larger high-voltage battery with a capacity increased from 17.9 kWh to 25.9 kWh, these improvements make up to 90 km of electric range possible depending on specification. A new 11 kW on-board charger now shortens the charging time at an appropriate power source to less than two and a half hours despite the increased battery capacity. During the trip, the optimised e-hybrid driving modes increase the efficiency of the vehicle.

To find out more or to place a forward order on the new Cayenne, contact us here at Porsche Centre Glasgow on 0141 8856 911 or email info@porscheglasgow.co.uk