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The ultimate ‘Urban Explorer’ – The Porsche Macan

The ultimate ‘Urban Explorer’ – The Porsche Macan


Exploration, spontaneity and discovery all describe the Porsche lifestyle perfectly, but which Porsche model supports this lifestyle the best? The Porsche 911 is famed for its undeniable performance capabilities, and the Cayenne on the other hand has plenty of storage space, whilst the 2022 Porsche Macan meets both cars somewhere in the middle and is often referred to as the most versatile Porsche model.

1.      Styling

The Porsche Macan has style like no other. With four model derivatives, the Macan, Macan T, Macan S and Macan GTS, there are some exciting styling changes between them. Perhaps the most unique being the new 2022 Porsche Macan T. In the world of Porsche, ‘T’ has always referred to the reduced weight, alternatively styled model variant: the Macan T is no exception. The essence of the T badge is the soul of the new Macan T. Representing driving pleasure and sportiness with its lightweight engine design, lowered ride height and exclusive exterior and interior features. If you haven’t seen the Macan T yet, you can find out more here.

2.      Performance

Porsche and performance go together like two peas in a pod. So, it’s no surprise that the Macan delivers in this department. Benefiting from a mighty 440bhp, breath taking acceleration is easily achieved. The 2022 Macan GTS has a 0-62mph time of just 4.5s and a top speed of 169mph. However, it’s not always about getting there fast, it’s about how you get there too. The Macan allows you to travel in conclusive comfort and can tackle those long motorway journeys just as easily as it can hit the apex on track.

3.      Practicality

Storage space is usually a key measurement when assessing the practicality of a car. The Macan benefits from a 488 litres luggage compartment and just over 1,500 litres of space with the rear seats folded. This impressive capacity is complemented by the ability to carry a maximum permissible roof load of 75 kg and it can even tow up to tow 2,000kg (braked)! It is fair to say that the Macan, a car built for performance and practicality combined, will take you further, faster and with everything you could possibly need.

4.      Adaptability

As we have already mentioned, the Macan can switch between driving styles like it is reading your mind. Whether you do most of your driving on the motorway, in the city or even on a farm, the Macan will handle it. The Sports Chrono Package allows you to change engine modes between Normal, Sport and Sport Plus by twist of a steering wheel mounted modular switch. You can even set a personalised driving mode. For those who are more adventurous, the Macan as the ability to turn on a 50-50 differential split, directing and equal amount of power to all four wheels. Perfect for driving off the beaten track.

5.      Tequipment

The modern adventure vehicle is expected not only to get you to unique locations, it should also be able to transport everything that you will need when you get there. Skiing or mountain biking, sailing or abseiling. The Macan can be fitted with an enormous range of Porsche Tequipment items that will help you to transport the tools you need to embrace everyday life. This means that you can focus on the journey and the joy of driving.


Here at Porsche Centre Glasgow we absolutely love the Porsche Macan but the best way to fully appreciate the performance and useability of this Porsche is to drive it yourself. Start your Urban Adventure today by booking your test drive with our team of Porsche experts.

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